Monday, December 08, 2003

62 Years and 1 Day

I sat yesterday and watched a number of shows on The History Channel all about the attack on Pearl Harbor. I think those men that had to sit in overturned ships while rescuers cut through wreckage deserve all the praise that can be heaped upon them. Those men's stories will put a lump in your throat every time you hear there stories. Amazing men.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Political Parties, are there really any differences?

In an article/chapter by Jonathan Atkins entitled "The Jacksonian Era, 1825-1844", the author poses that during the Jacksonian Era as defined in time by the name of the chapter that parties were only mechanisms of the electoral and nominating machines. Further more Richard P. McCormick is quoted as saying the parties were "above all electoral machines, engaged in nominating candidates" whose [sole] goal was to win elections took precedence over class or groups interests. And also said "They possessed an interest of their own; they were active - rather than neutral - factors of the political process."

I hold this position these days that all the two parties are interested in doing is either holding, retaining, or regaining the majority and therefore the position of power. Neither of the two parties has much in the way of a philosophy these days, as neither is willing to take a position that might change how they hold power. Take the current filibuster rules in the Congress, if the Republicans wanted to change the filibuster rule they could, yet they won't. Why? Because when they are again in the minority the rule would not be to there advantage to do the same to the Democrats as the Democrats are now doing to them.

Someone needs to come along and have a position. This is why Jesse Ventura was elected in Minnesota and also why people like Al Sharpton will never be in favor with the leaders of the Democratic party. They are willing to have a position and stick to it, that is not what the party hacks want they want moldibility so that opinion polls can drive the day, not real belief.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

And the West does nothing...

For too long now the West has done nothing to stop the dictators of Sub-Saharan Africa, and if anything has nurtured their regimes in the hopes of stability.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Demoing to potential user.
This first post is to show what a posted statement would look like.